Simply put, football has a lot of stories and we’d like to share them.

The problem is most of us only ever read the stuff that is published in mass media which can mean repetitiveness. The same transfer rumor year after year, which player is having an affair with who, etc.

Inspired by incredible sites like IBWM and These Football Times, we wanted to do something along the same lines in finding more informative stories to share with readers. The Football Experience was set up to deliver much deeper, thoughtful stories that sometimes the mainstream media misses.

It is our aim to deliver a wide range of football articles that are written in an inspiring way to captivate the reader. Something that will make you think. Football isn’t just a game about kicking a ball between two posts, there are so many stories entwined within – from politics and economics to race and religion – we’d like to be a platform to share those stories.